English 1: Period 4
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Journal Entries
Journal Entry 9
Wed. April 29th, 2020
Write a 4-8 sentence journal entry explaining how you've been spending your time, what you've been thinking, how you're feeling, and/or what you're looking forward to. You do not need to answer all of the questions - consider this a typical journal entry in which you are giving an update on your life.
Journal Entry 8
Tue. March 17th, 2020
What do you believe is George's main reason for killing Lennie at the end of Of Mice & Men? Do you believe it is for selfish or selfless reasons? Do you feel understanding for George's actions?
Journal Entry 7
Wed. February 26th, 2020
George is put in the interesting position of having to look after and help Lennie while still dealing with all of the issues of the Great Depression. How would you feel if you were in George's shoes? Mention a specific event that occurs in Of Mice & Men and how you would react to this occurrence.
Journal Entry 6
Fri. February 7th, 2020
Overall, do you believe that being selfish is more helpful or harmful to a person? Give at least two examples to back up your opinion.
Journal Entry 5
Wed. January 8th, 2020
At this point in Romeo & Juliet, we already know the relationship between our title characters is doomed. Many believe Romeo & Juliet are too immature for a relationship. Do you agree? Provide at least two pieces of evidence from the play to support your ideas.
Journal Entry 4
Wed. December 4th, 2019
So far in Romeo & Juliet, what are some facts that we (the audience) know that the characters in the play do not? How does this affect your reading of the play?