English 1: Period 3
Mon, Feb 10
  • Journal Entry #6
  • Of Mice & Men Opening Reading
  • Finish reading Of Mice & Men Chapter 1 Excerpt iBook and complete in-text assignments
Tue, Feb 11
No Class
Wed, Feb 12
  • George & Lennie Character Discussion
  • Of Mice & Men Motif Tracking
  • Of Mice & Men Ch. 1 Excerpt #2 Reading
  • Prepare for a quiz on the opening of Of Mice & Men next class
  • Finish reading Of Mice & Men Excerpt #2 and answer questions if not completed
Thu, Feb 13
No Class
Fri, Feb 14
  • Of Mice & Men Opening Quiz
  • Of Mice & Men Review
  • Timeline of Agriculture
  • Read the rest of Chapter 1 in the full Of Mice & Men iBook (p. 17-36 vertically or p. 29-64 horizontally, starting with “THE BUNKHOUSE WAS A LONG...”)
  • Complete Character Log
We are currently studying...
Of Mice & Men
by John Steinbeck
Journal Entries
Journal Entry 6
Fri. February 7th, 2020
Overall, do you believe that being selfish is more helpful or harmful to a person? Give at least two examples to back up your opinion.
Journal Entry 5
Wed. January 8th, 2020
At this point in Romeo & Juliet, we already know the relationship between our title characters is doomed. Many believe Romeo & Juliet are too immature for a relationship. Do you agree? Provide at least two pieces of evidence from the play to support your ideas.
Journal Entry 4
Wed. December 4th, 2019
So far in Romeo & Juliet, what are some facts that we (the audience) know that the characters in the play do not? How does this affect your reading of the play?