English 1 Honors: Block 3A
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Of Mice & Men
by John Steinbeck
Journal Entries
Journal Entry 7
Mon. May 13th, 2019
Overall, do you believe that being selfish is more helpful or harmful to a person? Give at least two examples to back up your opinion.
Journal Entry 6
Tue. March 26th, 2019
Of all of the "romances" at this point in Twelfth Night (Duke Orsino & Olivia, Olivia & Viola, Viola & Duke Orsino, Malvolio & Olivia), which do you believe is most genuine? Which is most superficial? Explain your answers.
Journal Entry 5
Mon. January 28th, 2019
So far, how has dramatic irony been used in Romeo & Juliet? What does this literary device add to the play?